Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Rabbit Season...

November in Pennsylvania can mean only one thing--men and women alike don blaze orange and take to the fields and woods in search of furry or feathered creatures to bring home for dinner. It reminds me of my favorite Warner Bros. cartoon where Daffy schemes to have Bugs taken out by the fiercest of hunters Elmer Fudd by placing signs all over the forest that it is "Rabbit Season"; Bugs retaliates by convincing Fudd that Daffy is actually the target of his pursuits and Daffy get blasted by Elmer's rifle over and over and over again. Of course this cartoon is no longer deemed appropriate so it is no longer on TV and rarely found in the Warner Bros. Box Sets (of which I admit have several).

But I digress... Here are a couple photos of those mighty hunters Bob and Ethel in their Pennsylvania Tuxedos in search of what's for dinner. My guess it was the pheasant which was stuffed and hung on the wall in their dining room all the years I was growing up. Hey Gregg or Brian, do either of you have the pheasant? Did anyone ever give it a name?


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