Monday, February 15, 2010

February Birthdays in the Redmond-Reese Family

February is a unique month for the Redmond-Reese Family.  In this one month of the year, we celebrate five birthdays in our family, but what makes it unique is that all five generations of our family are represented in these five February birthdays.  A special shout out to Kim who celebrated her birthday on the 4th.  Kim's daughter Katie will be 15 on the 20th of February!  Sharyn will celebrate her birthday on 24 February.  And in between those special days, our family remembers Grandpa (Al) Redmond's birthday on the 15th and Grandpa (Bob) Reese's on the 17th.  If you consider that Grandpa Redmond, the originator of our Redmond family, was born in 1897, these five generations represent 113 years of our family.  Below are baby pictures of Bob, Sharyn, Kim, and Katie.  While I don't have a baby picture of Al, the earliest picture I have is from a class photograph taked in 1909 when he would have been about 13.

Albert Redmond, b. Feb. 15, 1897
taken 1909
Robert Norman Reese, born February 17, 1916

Sharyn Colleen, born February 24

Kimberly Jane, born February 4
Katie Nicole, born February 20

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