Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Dorothy!" called Polly Parrot

Aunt Lois reminded me of this story she had told me some time ago. She does remember visited her mean grandmother Claudia in Erie. Aunt Lois never remembers her grandmother smiling or happy, but she does remember that Claudia had a "Polly Parrot" who would wake them up in the morning calling "Dorothy" from a low to high pitch that sounded like Grandma Claudia's angry voice. She who was Dorothy? Well the parrot was call to Dorothy Ball, daughter of Claudia and Frank, and Grandma Redmond's half-sister. Born 13 January 1924, 5 years after Ethel and almost 2 years after Hazel, her nieces. Dorothy, born when Claudia was 44, would have been called a "change-of-life baby" at that time, but by today's standards it would be down right fashionable! Dorothy married and lived in Erie. She died in November 1982, just a couple months after Ethel died.

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