Monday, December 21, 2009

Ghost of Christmas in Seneca

Bob and Ethel moved to Main Street, Seneca in 1942. A lot of Christmas' where celebrated in that house over the years. So many memories. One of my favorite Christmas pictures is the one of Bob, Betsy, Todd, Bobbie, and Terry at the Christmas Tree, taken around 1956.

Jumping to a Christmas which I guess was in 1973 with Grandpa and Grandma Redmond. Around the table from left to right, Bob, Dick, Lois, Ethel, Betsy, Todd, Grandma Redmond (Grandpa Redmond must have taken the picture). The second picture is of Grandpa Redmond, Todd, Ethel and Grandma Redmond.

Next we move ahead to about 1977 (based on how old Kory was); it was the advent of the artificial Christmas tree with the gold silk ornaments; remember the silver velour couch and love seat (although it looks gold in the picture); the "cherry picker" picker lamps that Grandma Reese made; and the fire place which had the changing season's picture above it--although it looks like Grandpa didn't change to the winter scene that year; and Betsy's dog Buffy and Todd's dog--what was his name? Was it Dusty--not to be confused with Dukie, that black dog of Todd's which as I remember it only snared at us kids...

Ah, memories...

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