Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past

You will be visited by the spirits of Christmas Past over the next several days (he said for dramatic affect). For some, these will bring back memories of Christmas' past; and for others, these pictures will give us snapshots back in time of how our family has celebrated Christmas' over the years. From Christmas' at Grandma and Grandpa Redmond's houses in Oil City; to Bob and Ethel's in Seneca; to the Open Houses at Bobbie's, it is truly a journey through time. So touch the hem on my sleeve (ok, enough with the Dickens references), and we go to Grandma and Grandpa Redmond's house behind the shop on Grandview Road in Oil City, well, at least I think that is where these pictures were taken (some may have been taken at Bob and Ethel's house in Seneca). The first picture (one of my favorites) is of Al and Bob, perhaps playing with the kid's toys--note the Sno-Master sled and the television in the background; the second picture a very smiley Grandma Redmond in from of the Christmas tree--wonder who the present was for; and the third picture is of Bobbie and Todd decorating the Christmas tree with Grandpa Redmond.


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