Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ghost of Christmas at Rocky Grove

Well, it has been quite a jouney, from Grandma Redmond's house on Grandview Road; Grandma Redmond's silver Christmas Tree on Park Avenue; opening presents at Grandma Reese's house in Seneca; the family gathering in 1979 at Bobbie's in Seneca which began the tradition of the neighborhood open house on Christmas Day. But that is not where is ended. Our family Christmas gatherings continued when Bobbie moved to Rocky Grove and it was there that we ushered in the next generation of our family. And while the 4th picture was not technically taken on Christmas Day--it was Christmas time as evidenced by the tree in the background.

Our family has come along way and while many are no longer with us, those memories remain, and we now have the hope of a new generation. So Merry Christmas Eve to all of you!

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